[English] Pokemon Ghost party

Pokemon R-18 Ghost

【 Comic now on sale:Pokemon Ghost party】

Now in English! I have started the digital sale of 「 Pokemon Ghost party」

The comic can be purchased and downloaded from BOOTH at the price of 1200yen.

The comic consists of 69P pages and is fully translated to English!

Note: The remaining 69 pages are the standard doujinshi monochrome. This is the full version of the comic.



The producer of this WORK(Book and Do-Jinshi) has not permitted following,

・Reproduction of this WORK.

・Making of all of means of copies of this WORK.

・Resale of this WORK.

・This WORK is done in the scanning and uproad to the Wired network (The Wired network includes SNS・P2P and etc.).

The producer of this WORK prohibits sharing the WORK by the Wired network and the resale.

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USD 10.00

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